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For a more detailed Polynesian fan site, go to the Tikiman Pages HERE. There is no way that we could cover the Polynesian in the depth and detail that the Tikiman does. If your considering the Poly, check out his page.







Welcome to Mickey Mouse Website!  Are you in between trips to Walt Disney World and need a “fix”?  Are you planning a trip, and need some guidance?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Browse our pages for pictures and video of Walt Disney World accommodations, eateries, rides and attractions.  If you have a question or an opinion, please take a look at our forums.  Some areas will not have photos or videos yet, but we will be expanding slowly over the next year.  In fact, if you have a picture or video you want to share, please contact us.  Remember, this is all brought to you for free.  So, if you like what you see, please visit some of our sponsors.  Happy browsing!!!

Our mobile ready ride time application is now available.  The pages are made to work on the apple Iphone and almost any web enabled mobile device (blackberry curve, etc).  It is free to use, and can be accessed here.  Please feel free to use it and tell others about it.  Once we have enough people using this application (and updating the ride wait times and fastpass return times), we will also open up a page to show historical data for ride wait times and fastpass return times.  Don’t pay for an app, just bookmark our pages for free.  Help others and help yourself.  Also, we will be offering free contests to registered users of the ride wait times application.

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